Tellington TTouch for You®


A path of prosperity and health for everybody
The Tellington-TTouch for You ® can be applied also to children as well as to elderly people.
As the method is considered a gift that comes from the animals’ world, Dr. Linda Jones-Telington decided to associate most of the applications of the Tellington TTouch ® with the name of an animal. This choice is obviously appreciated by children. TTouches like, for instance, the " TTouch Clouded Leopard " or the "TTouch Python Lift”. The approach to children is done along with the much-loved "peluche" and a tale in order to create a joyful and constructive environment.

The Tellington-TTouch for You ® method has been used for over 30 years throughout the world and within various organizations, such as:

  • healthcare centers
  • elderly’s houses
  • hospitals
  • gyms and wellness centers
  • companies
  • schools and nurseries
  • during workshops
  • at home
There are many testimonies, especially from America, that prove the benefits of the method at work, in medicine and in private life.


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