Effective for the welfare of the body, mind and our emotions

Tellington TTouch ® is a gentle method applied at the neuro-tactile level. It consists of circular, smoothing and lifting movements,  with different extent of intensity and speed.

The method is used successfully in healthcare: rehabilitation, during pregnancy and childbirth, against neurological diseases, post-trauma and, more generally, against childhood and geriatric diseases.

Experiments carried out in neuro-feedback research have shown that through the treatment of Tellington TTouch® all four brain waves can be activated. The application of the method can also be extended to pedagogy: in occupational therapy and speech therapy, in cases of behavioural, concentration and learning disorders, and also in cases of developmental delay.
"The Tellington TTouch® has many beneficial effects and takes away the fear at the cellular level" Dr Linda Tellington-Jones says. The Tellington TTouch® method activates self-healing by increasing self-confidence and awareness.
It can also be applied to elderly people as well as to babies, and can be successfully adopted both on its own and along with other forms of therapy.
The theory, which states that emotions are not only stored in the brain, but also in the cells of the body, is also supported by the psycho-neuro-immunologist Candace B. Pert, see website:
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