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"The Tellington TTouch ® is a non-verbal language, which affects humans and animals in their most intimate depths - from heart to heart." Dr. Linda Tellington-Jones
Dr Linda Tellington-Jones was born in 1937 in Canada. Still a small child, she developed a great passion for horses. She graduated in the 1960s. In 1964 she founded the training center "Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Center and School" in California. In 1965 she wrote his first book "Massage für Leistungspferde" (massage for horses riding at competitive level).

In 1975 Linda decided to continue her training with Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, a famous scientist and physicist, to acquire new knowledge and competences for her work. Inspired by the Feldenkrais Method, Dr. Linda Tellington-Jones conceived and began to teach the Tellington TTouch ® in the '80s, initially applied as a treatment on horses and then later on all animals. Among the participants in Linda’s demonstrations were often physicians, nurses and health workers. The latter, using the method on themselves, have found that it brings benefit also to human beings.

In 1987 the first projects were carried out to study the effects of Tellington-TTouch for You® on the human being. Since the 90's scientific research on Tellington-TTouch for You® has been successfully implemented and in-depth studies and scientific tests are still being led to ensure that the method can be applied on a large scale.

There are numerous honors that Dr. Linda Tellington-Jones has received for her work, most recently in 2008 with the acquisition of the honorary doctorate "Communication between the species" at the university of Wisdom in California. Further information is available on her official website:

Linda is the author of 16 books translated into twelve languages and has participated in the production of 18 films related to TTouch training, among them seven in Germany.

She is also the founder of the Animal Ambassador International, whose primary aim is to deepen mutual understanding between humans and animals.

There are many testimonies broadcast on international television networks about the TTouch® method and its team, which currently counts more than a thousand qualified trainers in 27 countries.

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